About LiSP

"Social psychology is the scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others." — Gordon Allport

The Lisbon PhD in Social Psychology (LiSP) is an FCT-funded inter-university doctoral program integrating three existing Doctoral programs in Social Psychology in Lisbon (from ISCTE-IUL, University of Lisbon and ISPA - Instituto Universitário).

It combines the teaching and research expertise of some of the best social psychologists in the country and profits from the collaborations, facilities and other synergies created between the institutions involved in the program (see Interuniversity Collaboration).

By bringing together the Social Psychology branches of the three Lisbon PhD programs in Psychology, this program offers a unique combination of diverse scientific subdomains in one integrated program.

Three reasons to do a PhD in Social Psychology:

  • Social Psychology is a scientific discipline that is aimed at understanding how individuals’ behavior, motivations, thoughts, and feelings are influenced by other people, real or imagined. As a discipline is consistently at the forefront of the scientific understanding and study of individual and collective behavior.

  • It provides you with the opportunity to specialize in a scientific domain that inspires other fields such as economy, political science and marketing and is now changing our views about health, gender, environment and education, influencing related policies.

  • Social Psychology addresses the most pressing issues of contemporary societies: conflicts in diverse societies and within the new international dynamics, how people accept and conform to social inequalities, socially critical decision making in asymmetrical contexts, etc.

Three reasons to apply for a LiSP PhD:

  • LiSP brings together teams and institutions of Excellence in a cooperative and friendly endeavor.

  • Within LiSP, you are able to benefit from the infrastructure and scientific events of all involved institutions.

  • LiSP provides highly international forum for discussing emergent topics in social psychology.