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Academic Year 2018/2019 - Results

Admission to LiSP Doctoral Program 2018/2019 - Results [Portuguese version]

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How to apply

Step 1:
Choose your advisor

Click here for a list of possible advisors.

You need at least one advisor or co-advisor from this list to apply to the doctoral program.

If your advisor or co-advisor is not on the list but is a part of one of the LiSP instutions, please send an email to to confirm the suitability of your advisor.

Step 2:
Contact your chosen advisor by email to develop a project.

Most emails can be found when clicking on an advisor name in the link of the previous step.

Step 3:
Submit your application to your institution

Submit your application in the university or instution of your preference (either ISCTE-UL, FP-UL, ICS-UL, or ISPA).

The status and deadlines of applications can be found on the section above.

Step 4:
Submit your application to LiSP

The status and deadlines of applications can be found on the section above.

To complete your application you will need to use and read very carefully the following documents: Subscribe to our Facebook page to keep up to date and send us an email at if you have any question.

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Admission Criteria

(Tip: You can click to select the admission criteria you currently satisfy. Use the button at the end of this list to see whether you meet the admission criteria. In case you do not meet all requirements, a To Do List will be printed.)

Candidates should have:

Result: Tip: Use the checklist above to check for eligibility to the LiSP program and to generate a personalized To Do List.

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Selection and Ranking Criteria

The selection and evaluation of candidates will be conducted by a jury consisting of the Scientific Commission of LiSP. This committee will assess the merit of the applications and produce an ordered list of candidates.

The selection of candidates will occur in two phases:
  1. evaluation of the eligibility of candidates;
  2. evaluation of the applicants’ documents on a scale from 1 to 5;

Phase 1: Eligibility of candidates

Exclusion of incomplete or inadequate applications. Applications that do not meet the admission criteria will be excluded (see points 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of article 3 of this year's Call).

Phase 2: Evaluation of the application

  • Merit of the candidate (40%): This assessment will be made by the Scientific Commission of LiSP taking into account the candidate’s previous training (degree, area, marks) and the quality of the CV with respect to the research area (previous research experience, publications, scientific communications). The evaluation will be given o n a 1 to 5 scale.
  • Quality of the research project (40%): This evaluation will result from the evaluation report from the internal leading re viewer and the report from the Scientific Commission of LiSP, both based on the feedback from two independent reviewers. The assessment of the research project’s quality evaluates the scientific and innovative merits of the project for the advancement of the international state of the art, the feasibility of the work plan, and the fit of the project with LiSP Doctoral Program’s goals. The evaluation will be given on a 1 to 5 scale.
  • Fit of the project to Social Psychology as a field of research (20%): A ccording to the guidelines presented in Appendix - please see article point 5 of article 3 of the current Call). The evaluation will be given on a 1 to 5 scale
  • The final ranking of the candidates will be available after the assessment of the three criteria mentioned above. Candidates with a score equal to or above 2,5 will be considered for the LiSP PhD Program.

Members of the Scientific Commission of LiSP who are identified as potential supervisors of applicants will not be involved in the evaluation of these candidates.

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