Applications - Now closed for 2019/2020!

Candidate selection and ranking results are out!

Click on the links for the final hearing minutes: For LiSP's PhD Program and for LiSP's PhD Scholarships.

Click for the candidates' preliminary selection and concomitant hearing minute.

How to apply

Step 1:
Choose your advisor

Please check LiSP's Faculty and Researchers for a list of possible advisors.

You need at least one advisor or co-advisor from this list to apply to the doctoral program.

If one of your advisors or co-advisors is not on the list but is a part of one of LiSP's instutions, please send an email to to confirm the suitability of your advisor.

Step 2:
Contact your chosen advisor and prepare a PhD project.

  1. Contact your chosen advisor asking if (s)he will take you as her/his PhD student (check LiSP's Faculty and Researchers page for emails).

  2. Prepare and write your PhD project (template and guidelines below).

Step 3:
Submit your application

Submit your application to a Doctoral Program in Psychology at one of LiSP's participating institutions:

  • FP-UL;
  • ICS-UL;
  • ISPA.

Step 4:
Submit your application to LiSP

To complete your application to LiSP's Doctoral Program you will need to carefully consider the following information:

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