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23/01/2020, 24/01/2020 FP-UL Several Conference 4th LiSP Annual Meeting


4th LiSP Annual Meeting

Dates: 23/01/2020, 24/01/2020
Venue: FP-UL; Room 1
Format: Conference
We are pleased to invite you to attend the 4th LiSP Annual Meeting, which will be held on January 23rd and 24th 2020 in Room 1 at the Faculty of Psychology – Univerisity of Lisbon.

The 4th LiSP Annual Meeting is an open event intended to share LiSP students' research and to promote collobaration between the LiSP community, Academia, and the general public.

Program: You can checkout our Meeting's program here.

Registration: If you wish to attend the event, we kindly ask you to register using this form.

Contact: If you have any questions or wish to learn more, please contact us at

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